Phenomenal Brain Power is an organization devoted to spreading awareness of and helping those living with brain injury. All monies from purchases of the book go directly to increasing the quality of life of brain injury survivors through medical assistance, social activities and educational opportunities.

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The Mission

As a brain injury survivor, I wanted to help other survivors reach their dreams. I needed to know what those dreams were. My intention to help others spurred me to create a survey to find out what my disabled peers thought and wanted. Among the questions I asked were the following:

The toughest question to answer was the fourth question on goals and dreams. It was unanimous. Thirty students sitting in that classroom had left their dreams behind. They existed within the realm of what society was telling them they could and could not be and could and could not have. Figuring out what they were going to eat that day and if they could afford it had become more important than the art of dreaming, let alone dreaming big.

I am using my experience to create a better world.

All monies collected through this website go directly toward people living with brain injury, providing assistance with medical services (cognitive therapy, dental, vision, and hearing), social activities (social programs, vacations, seasonal camps, and social events) and educational opportunities that lead to identifying goals, learning to live a new dream, and the support needed for them to step into and live that dream fully.

These are things I observed in the disabled population as things we struggle with the most. It's amazing the new perspective that can be gained from having the proper eyeglasses, high quality hearing aids that actually work, and cognitive therapy that helps build new neural pathways. The isolation of living with disability can be offset with social opportunities like camping and seasonal vacations. Sharing these and other social and life experiences with others brings people out of isolation and into the world of living.

So many things stop after brain injury. I choose to show the world how to keep on living. Not only living, but how to live a life greater than the one they would have had if they didn't experience brain injury.